Why We Don’t Call What I do Ticket Fixing

Renseller Judge cited in ticket fixing scheme

Unsealed Indictments Shed Light on Ticket-Fixing Scandal

SDPD audits tickets after ticket-fixing case

These are headlines from the past year from “ticket fixing” scandals all over the United States.  When the news media cites “ticket fixing” they mean when police or judges help out a friend or family member and “fix” their ticket by getting it dismissed or fixing it so that it doesn’t go on their record.

I won’t lie – I get a lot of calls from people asking about how they can get their tickets fixed.  And that’s not what I do.  I represent people who have been charged with speeding in Kansas and Missouri jurisdictions.  I negotiate with the Prosecutor to have the tickets amended to non-moving violation so the ticket won’t affect their driving privilege (license) or their insurance.  There is nothing sleazy or illegal about this.  And in most cases, the person charged with speeding will have to pay a higher fine than if they just paid the ticket and took the points.

So when you think about ticket fixing, don’t think about me!

If you have been charged with speeding or any other traffic offense in the greater Kansas City area (Kansas or Missouri), please give me a call at 816-471-1114 or press the big green button below to contact me via form.

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