Travel Safety Zones in Lee’s Summit Missouri

Posted: Jan 03, 2012

Have you seen a Travel Safe Zone?  I have seen one in Lee’s Summit off of 50 Hwy.

What is a Travel Safe Zone?
In 2008, the Missouri Legislature crafted this legislation which seems nothing more than increasing revenue for counties in Missouri.

Tavel Safe Zone means any area upon or around any highway, as defined in section 302.010, which is visibly marked by the department of transportation; and when a highway safety analysis demonstrates fatal or disabling motor vehicle crashes exceed a predicted safety performance level for comparable roadways as determined by the department of transportation.
So the government must prove the following things:

  1. The area must be marked as a Travel Safe Zone.
  2. The Department of Transportation has performed a safety analysis which demonstrates fatal or disabling motor vehicle crashes exceed a predicted safety performance level for comparable roadways.
  3. A moving violation or speeding violation occurred in the Travel Safe zone.

The Travel Safe Zones carry double the fine.

What If I Received a Ticket in a Missouri Safe Travel Zone?

You have three options:

  • Pay the ticket
  • Hire an Attorney for a trial.
  • Hire an Attorney to negotiate a plea that will keep the points off your record.

For a trial, the State would have to bring in the person who actually did the study to testify to the results.  My guess is that this would be onerous on the Prosecution for just a speeding ticket.

For a plea, I would negotiate with the Prosecutor to keep it off your record.

Now the good news is that I have seen very few of these tickets (in fact – only two in the four years I have been doing traffic law).

If you received a Travel Safe Zone and want a quote, please call me at 816-471-1114, email me at or press the green button below to fill out the Estimate Form.  I can give you  a quote for a trial or if you just want to get the ticket offf your record.

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