Cass County Amnesty

People with warrants out of Cass County, Mo., can go to Court and have the warrants withdrawn. Beginning June 18th, 2012, the county is holding a week-long amnesty program. Cass County currently has over 3500 warrants outstanding and they want to reduce that number. To take advantage of the program, visit the Cass County Justice […]

Why is my speeding ticket on Casenet Twice?

If you have been pulled over  by the Missouri Highway Patrol, that case is going to show up on Casenet.   Casenet is the Missouri Courts database system that is accessible by anyone online.  It includes all cases filed in Missouri including any Highway Patrol ticket issued. Several of my clients who follow their tickets […]

Strip Search for a Speeding Ticket? Supreme Court says yes.

The Supreme Court in Florence v. Burlington allows Law Enforcement officials to conduct a strip search even if the alleged Defendant is only charged with a speeding ticket.  In a ruling that is a broad over-reach of the Constitution, the Supreme Court said that when Mr. Florence’s Constitutional rights were not harmed when he was […]

March 2012 Update on Kansas City Traffic Court

Kansas City has seemed do survive it’s transtion to a paperless ticketing system with just a few bumps in the road.  There are two changes coming to Kansas City Municipal Court starting March 1. Probation Now Costs Money In most municipal courts, there are two types of probation.  The first kind is “Private Probation” where […]

Short Primer on Missouri Highway Patrol Speeding Ticket

They hand out the largest amount of tickets in the State of Missouri and they are quite literally in every county in the State.  Who?  The Missouri Highway Patrol and they are handing out speeding tickets on a highway neear you. Frequently Asked Questions About Missouri Highway Patrol: 1.  What is the Fine Collection Center? […]

Does It Matter if I Signed the Speeding Ticket?

There is standard verbige on Missouri traffic tickets which reads: I promise to dispose of the charges of which I am accused through court appearance or prepayment of fine and court costs. It can be found on almost any ticket from Kansas City Missouri to Missouri Highway Patrol.  And I am asked if that matters […]

Lawyer for Randolph Municipal Court

Randolph Municipal Court is a small town with a killer speed trap.  Most of the town itself is 20 mph speed limit. Randolph Missouri is located near the Missouri River and the Ameristar Casino.  It is a small town whose court and City Hall is literally located in a Double Wide Trailer. What if I […]

Travel Safety Zones in Lee’s Summit Missouri

Have you seen a Travel Safe Zone?  I have seen one in Lee’s Summit off of 50 Hwy. What is a Travel Safe Zone? In 2008, the Missouri Legislature crafted this legislation which seems nothing more than increasing revenue for counties in Missouri. Tavel Safe Zone means any area upon or around any highway, as […]

Johnny Marr loses Driving Privilege – Could It Happen to You?

Former Smith gutarist Johnny Marr has lost his license to driver for 56 days and has to pay a pound equivalent of  $835 for his most recent speeding ticket.  Mr. Marr was ticketed for 72 in a 40.  He avoided a six-month ban because the court had not had hearings for two subsequent speeding offences […]

Should Parents Know About Children’s Speeding Tickets?

Legislation pending in Florida would allow Florida parents to receive electronic notifications if their child under the age of 18 gets a traffic ticket or is involved in a crash.  It would be an opt-in program that charges a $5 administrative fee. Kids That Think They Can Get Away With Not Telling their Parents About a Crash […]