Kansas City Spring Break Camps 2010 – Updated!

I am scoping out possible Spring Break Camps to send my Kindergartner and 2nd Grader.  Since I couldn’t find a compilation, I thought I would build my own. (And I hope those that read this will keep me in mind if they get a speeding or traffic ticket as that’s my livelihood.) The Kansas City […]

Where to Park at Kansas City Municipal Court

On Monday, a client I was to meet at Kansas City Municipal Court, texted me to find out the best place to park. Eureka!!! – that sounds like a great blog post.

The Docket – Speeding Ticket Links

On the docket is a Kansas City Police Department sting and an unbelievable Ohio speeding case conviction.

Speeding in a Construction Zone

But speeding in a construction zone is folly. They do give you the warnings when you enter about double the fines, etc. . . . but a Construction Zone ticket amended to a non-moving is going to cost you.