Thirty-Eight Grand for a Speeding Ticket?

A new book, Wall Street Money Management Secrets: 12 Financial Asset Management Strategies That Professionals Use to Succeed in Declining Stock Markets. From the press release: Rich was in a hurry to buy some groceries before heading home to watch the Yankees game. He was traveling 45 mph in a 45 mph zone, but missed […]

Everything I Know About Fixing Tickets in Kansas City Municipal Court

Kansas City Municipal Court is my largest source of business. Here is all I know about it.

The Docket – Speeding Ticket Links

The Docket looks at speeding ticket and red light camera stories from across the country and the world.

The Minnesota Vikings Speeding Scandal

In a span of two days, both Adrian Peterson and Bernard Berrian received speeding tickets here their speed was in excess in one hundred miles per hour. Berrian was clocked at 104 in a 60.

Kansas City Gems – the Anita Gorman Discovery Center

Image via Wikipedia There are so many gems in Kansas City. I have the opportunity to visit the Anita Gorma Discovery Center with my kids and their class on Friday.  The Center is operated by the Missouri Department of Natual Resources along with the Discovery Center. The Center is free and offers different programs to […]

Trapster – help avoid speeding tickets. is an application used on iphones, blackberries and android phones to identify speed traps and red light cameras. . It uses the google map technology to help you identify oncoming red light cameras and speed traps. I can tell you from someone that deals with thousands of speeding tickets a year that they have […]