Strip Search for a Speeding Ticket? Supreme Court says yes.

Posted: Apr 20, 2012

The Supreme Court in Florence v. Burlington allows Law Enforcement officials to conduct a strip search even if the alleged Defendant is only charged with a speeding ticket.  In a ruling that is a broad over-reach of the Constitution, the Supreme Court said that when Mr. Florence’s Constitutional rights were not harmed when he was strip searched twice around an arrest that centered around a speeding ticket that was already paid!

Mr. Florence was traveling as a passenger when his wife was stopped for speeding.  The police ran Mr. Florence’s record and discovered an outstanding speeding ticket from NJ (notable a NJ speeding ticket is not criminal – rather civil).  They arrested him & while he was incarcerated, twice strip searched him.  Florence filed suit.  The appeals court stated the police had  a right to strip search and the Supreme Court agreed.

This is such an overreach of police power.  A strip search for a speeding ticket?  Strip searched are incredibly invasive.

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