Speeding in a Construction Zone

Kansas City Construction Zone Speeding Ticket
Kansas City Construction Zone Speeding Ticket

Local news is reporting that the tanker accident on Monday morning on the Paseo Bridge may have been caused by speeding.  The Paseo Bridge is one big fat mess right now anyway and how anyone could speed on it is a mystery to me.

But speeding in a construction zone is folly.  They do give you the warnings when you enter about double the fines, etc. . . .   but a Construction Zone ticket amended to a non-moving is going to cost you.

Kansas City Construction Zone Amendment – starts at $438.50.

Belton is $360.

Lafayette County – $500!

You get the idea – a construction zone ticket is expensive.  So slow down!  And if you get caught, call me!

Aimee Gromowsky is a speeding ticket lawyer serving the Kansas City Missouri area.

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