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Science Aids Alleged Stop Sign Runner

Posted: Apr 19, 2012

Dmitri Krioukov, a senior research assistant at University of California San Diego successfully defended a charge of running a stop sign by presenting a four page research assistant (link to actual PDF of paper) as evidence to the Judge.

Krioukov compared the problem to the way a person sees a train approaching from the platform and thinks it is moving slowly, when in fact it is barreling down the track. Using math and physics, Krioukov determined that a car moving at a constant speed can appear to move in the same way as a car that is moving fast but stops for a short time and then accelerates again.  In other words, a car that appears to be moving at a constant speed through a stop sign could have actually stopped at the stop sign, before speeding up again.


The paper is a bit wonky and frankly I didn’t understand it.  But I love that the information is available and will utilize it for future stop sign cases.

At Kansas City traffic court, a stop sign ticket will usually cost around $156 (depending on if you had previous tickets in Kansas City) and one point on your Missouri driving record.  I can negotiate with the Prosecutor on your behalf and have the ticket amended to a Defective Equipment (non moving) and there will be no points.  Costs start at $375.00.


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