School Zone Tickets in Kansas City


School Zone Tickets

You can be ticketed and charged extra for a school zone ticket.  The school zone must be marked with the speed and the hours it is enforced.  This marker does not have to be a yellow blinking light although that is common.

It is also important to note if school is even in session.  If the school is not in session, you may be able to have your fine reduced in front of the Judge.

School Bus Tickets

You can receive a two point violation for passing a school bus if the red stop sign is out on the bus.  If you are coming from behind the bus or towards the bus, your duty is to stop.  You must remain stopped until the stop sign is flipped back in.

What if I Pay These Tickets?

Both tickets in Kansas City Missouri carry two points and will likely increase your insurance.

Can An Attorney Help?

Yes.  I can negotiate with the Prosecutor in Kansas City (or other Kansas or Missouri cities) to have the ticket amended to a Defective Equipment.  The fine and my fee varies.  Please contact us via the form (see below) or call us at 816-471-1114.

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