Missouri Move Over Law Amended – More Stuff Police Will Pull You Over For


A new Missouri law requires motorists to move over upon seeing Missouri Transportation vehicles or face a ticket.

The new traffic law requires drivers to change lanes and yield for stopped transportation agency vehicles displaying flashing amber or white lights – just like motorists already must do for stopped police cars and other emergency vehicles

This is in addition to laws on the books that require drivers to change lanes and yield for police and fire.

These are tricky tickets.  Prosecutors and Judges tend to be protective of the police.  If they feel that a client of mine endangered the safety of police, it is more difficult to negotiate the ticket.   It remains to be seen whether they are so protective of Transportation workers.  And I’m not sure how these Transportation tickets will be written.  Basically the cop would have to witness it.   Or the Transportation worker would give the report to the police and would testify at the trial.  But the testimony of the worker should be given the same weight as the Defendant.

If you plead guilty to a Failure to Yield to Police/Fire/Transportation, you will receive three points on your record (for Highway Patrol tickets) and two for city violations.   Points generally cause an insurance increase.

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