MegaBus Kansas City to Chicago Trip Review

Me, My Son & Megabus
Leaving for Chicago on the 8:45 p.m. on Megabus

My six year old is best friends with my five year old nephew who resides in Chicago.   When we are fortunate to gather as a family, they are hand-in-hand, playing basketball until their hair is coated in sweat.  It’s lovely.

We didn’t think twice when my sister invited Jaylen to Chicago for the week to spend some time with his favorite cousin.  Transporting him was where I had to put my thinking and money-saving cap on.  I had heard about megabus and explored the website.  Round-trip for me & one way for him was less than $100.00, so our decision was made.    (My mom is flying to get him).

I asked around on twitter about what time we should arrive at the bus stop.  I wanted to scope out the best seat possible seat for us.  Most advised 15 minutes but I decided to arrive at 8:15 for an 8:45 departure. The “station” is located at the east side of Grand Boulevard, adjacent to the 3rd & Grand MetroCente.  The megabus website made it appear  there was not a parking lot but upon arrival back in Kansas City, I saw several people who appeared headed to their cars.  Nevertheless, I parked at my office parking garage and we took a cab to the station.

There were several people already waiting & the bus pulled up shortly after 8:20.  It has just arrived from Chicago via St. Louis.  The driver took off the outbound luggage and warned that the bus was out of service for a bit.  Looked like he had some housekeeping on the bus.   Around 8:30, he began loading the luggage.   For people without luggage, they could proceed to the front of the bus and check in with the other driver.  It appears that the bus always travels with two drivers.  Once you check in, you can find your seat.

Not every megabus is a double decker but this one was.  My son dragged me to the top part of the bus and headed to the front.  I had my doubts as the back row looked better pickings for some rest.  But we ended up on the first row of the bus.

The pic is our

view of the ride.  My son fell asleep immediately and I  had the pleasure of conversing with Roger who is a frequent Megabus traveler.  He gave me some tips on booking trips on the website & traveling itself with megabus.  I used one of the tips on the way home.  When new people are getting on the bus (in our case, St. Louis), sit in the front on the outside seat.  Leave the inside seat unoccupied and it will probably remain so as people assume you have a companion that just can’t be seen.

It was a bit nerve-wrecking watching the bus from this angle.  And the seats are not exactly made for sleeping.  I was able to nod off quite a bit but certainly nothing significant.

But two big thumbs-up for the megabus service and experience.  Now let’s make a Kansas City Dallas route!

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