Kansas City Municipal Court

As the areas largest traffic court, we've represented more people in KCMC than any other court in the area.

Map to Kansas City Municipal Court
Court Information
1101 Locust
Kansas City, Missouri 64105
Kansas City Municipal Court Website

General Information:
Kansas City will amend speeding tickets to Defective Equipment. A Defective Equipment is a non-moving violation and will not be reported to the Department of Revenue.

Generally, Kansas City will not require the appearance of the Defendant on a speeding ticket.  If you are under the age of 21, you will be required to take the “Alive at Twenty-Five” class.

A defective equipment in Kansas City costs between $216.50 and $316.50.  My fee is $200.

Speeding Ticket Procedure:
You should already have a copy of a yellow ticket. The ticket will generally say “mail-in” for the court date and your speed is denoted in the middle of the ticket.

Kansas City generally gives people 30 days to send in the money or to request a not guilty court date. After 30 days, you are sent a pink “reminder” that the ticket is due by a certain date. This is not a warrant, rather just a reminder.

If you choose to pay the speeding ticket, you will be assessed two points which is reflected on your driving record. This may affect your insurance rates.

You may request a “not guilty court date” by calling 513-2700. They will assign you a day to appear in court. Once at court, you can plead guilty, not guilty or a continuance. If you plead guilty, the court will assess you a fine and you will also receive points on your record.

If you plead not guilty, the Court will conduct a trial. If the police officer is not there, the Court will allow the Prosecutor one continuance to get the officer there. If he/she is not there for the second date, the Prosecutor will likely dismiss the ticket.

Update (1/2/9)

I recently posted a “Everything I Know About Fixing a Speeding Ticket in Kansas City Missouri Municipal Court” which has more information about speeding tickets in Kansas City Missouri.

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