Driving While Suspended at Kansas City Municipal Court

This is the absolute worst.  I became a criminal defense attorney because I HATE being pulled over.  Don't let it happen to you.
This is the absolute worst. I became a criminal defense attorney because I HATE being pulled over. Don’t let it happen to you.

A Driving While Suspended charge in Missouri is a serious charge.  If you plead guilty or are found guilty, you will be assessed twelve points on your license and face an extended license suspension.  Not to mention the hit you will take on your insurance.

Why is my license suspended in Missouri?

Failure to appear suspension:   Have you not paid a ticket?  Then it is likely your suspension is due to failure to appear on a traffic citation.  This can be cleared up by taking care of the ticket (hopefully with legal representation), paying the fine and obtaining a letter of compliance.  Once you have the letter of compliance, you must also pay the reinstatement fee to the Department of Revenue.  Attorneys can help with every part of this process.

Points Suspension:   Have you paid several tickets?  Possibly a combination of two Highway Patrol tickets and a ticket from Kansas City?  That would be eight points.  If you received those eight points in a span of eighteen months, then the Department of Revenue will suspend your license for a minimum of thirty (30) days depending on previous license suspensions.

Also if you receive twelve points in a period of twelve months, you will lose your license for a period of one year.

What happens if I am caught driving on a suspended license and charged with Driving While Suspended at Kansas City Municipal Court?

You will be charged with a Driving While Suspended (KCMO Ord 70-131) and subject to a fine up to $500 and jail time not to exceed six months.  Jail time is highly unlikely for first time offenders.   If you plead guilty and take the twelve points, your license will be further suspended for a year.

What happens after my suspension is over?  

You will need to be reinstated with the Department of Revenue.  This may include a reinstatement fee, SR-22 insurance and/or an ignition interlock device.  Don’t make the mistake of not calling the Department of Revenue 573-526-2407 (x2) to find out your reinstatement requirements.

Can I get a Hardship During the Suspension?

Missouri offers a “Limited Driving Privilege” which allows you to get to work, school, grocery store, etc. . . during your suspension.  You have to have served at least thirty (30) days of your suspension to qualify.  Once the 30 days have passed, you can apply online or with a Petition to the Court.   SR-22 insurance will have to be filed with the Department of Revenue prior to the application being granted.

What are your other questions about Driving While Suspended?

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