Celebrity Speeding Ticket – Adrian Peterson

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All football fans appreciate the speed, grace and toughness of Adrian Peterson on the field.  He is a great running back – on his way to being one of the greatest.

And he’s not just quick on the field – he also like to put the Pedal to the Metal in his car.  This past Saturday, he was stopped going 109 miles per hour in a 55 mile speed zone.

Well that ticket is not amendable in Kansas City, Missouri – meaning I couldn’t get it amended to a Defective Equipment.  But we may be able to talk the judge into putting you on probation for a year with a driving class.  If you don’t mess up the probation, the ticket will not be reported to the Department of Revenue.  But the Judge will also make you spend a couple nights in jail (pretty much every Kansas City Municipal Court judge makes you do 2 nights for any speed over 100).

Not all jurisdictions will make you do time for that speed but it’s possible.  And if they don’t put you in jail, they will make you pay a LOT of money.

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