Can I Expunge a Traffic or Speeding Ticket in Missouri?

Yes! It’s not necessarily called an expungement – it’s called a “Set Aside.”  Meaning we ask the Judge to set aside your guilty plea (you pled guilty when you paid the fine).  If the Judge agrees to set aside the plea, I can then negotiate with the Prosecutor to have your ticket amended to a […]

Cass County Amnesty

People with warrants out of Cass County, Mo., can go to Court and have the warrants withdrawn. Beginning June 18th, 2012, the county is holding a week-long amnesty program. Cass County currently has over 3500 warrants outstanding and they want to reduce that number. To take advantage of the program, visit the Cass County Justice […]

Why We Don’t Call What I do Ticket Fixing

Renseller Judge cited in ticket fixing scheme Unsealed Indictments Shed Light on Ticket-Fixing Scandal SDPD audits tickets after ticket-fixing case These are headlines from the past year from “ticket fixing” scandals all over the United States.  When the news media cites “ticket fixing” they mean when police or judges help out a friend or family member and […]

Why is my speeding ticket on Casenet Twice?

If you have been pulled over  by the Missouri Highway Patrol, that case is going to show up on Casenet.   Casenet is the Missouri Courts database system that is accessible by anyone online.  It includes all cases filed in Missouri including any Highway Patrol ticket issued. Several of my clients who follow their tickets […]

What if the Police Don’t Show Up for Kansas City Traffic Court

This is an excellent question and frequently asked.  If you are ticketed for a speeding ticket or any other ticket and want to go to trial, then usually the police officer must be there for the trial.  So what happens if he/she does not show up? Initial Setting When you received your Kansas City speeding […]

Missouri Highway Patrol Steps Up Thanksgiving Weekend

Missouri Highway Patrol Steps Up Enforcement During Thanksgiving Holidays