School Zone Tickets in Kansas City

  School Zone Tickets You can be ticketed and charged extra for a school zone ticket.  The school zone must be marked with the speed and the hours it is enforced.  This marker does not have to be a yellow blinking light although that is common. It is also important to note if school is […]

What if the Police Don’t Show Up for Kansas City Traffic Court

This is an excellent question and frequently asked.  If you are ticketed for a speeding ticket or any other ticket and want to go to trial, then usually the police officer must be there for the trial.  So what happens if he/she does not show up? Initial Setting When you received your Kansas City speeding […]

John: Missouri License Is Going to Be Suspended Due to Points

A prospective client called me last week in a panic.  John* had recieved notice that his license was going to be suspended in May because of too many points.  He had not realized the tickets he had paid off added up so quickly.  His license to drive is his license to make money, so he […]

D.J. Jailed for Speeding Ticket Warrant

A disc jockey in Grenville South Carolina has been jailed for failure to pay a speeding ticket four years old.  It appears the disc jockey appeared in Court to pay the fine and was subsequently arrested and jailed overnight.  There had been a warrant outstanding for four years. Don’t let this happen to you.  If […]

How Can I get a Plea Reduction in Kansas City for my Traffic Ticket?

If you are not fortunate enough to use this Jedi Mind Trick to get out of your Kansas City Municipal Court traffic ticket, then I am here to explain how to get your traffic ticket reduced in Kansas City Missouri. First, you must have an attorney.  This is not always the case in other states […]

Kansas City Speeding Ticket Fines

This police car didn’t pull you over if you got a ticket in Kansas City Missouri but it might have made it more interesting. Speeding tickets fines in Kansas City vary according to the speed, when you pay it and whether the ticket was issued in a construction zone or school zone. The fine amounts […]

Vermont Candidate for Governor SPEEDS!!

Peter Shumlin, a Democratic State Senator vying for the Democratic nominee for Governor in Vermont, was stopped by a state trooper and given a speeding ticket for 81 in a 65 zone.  Shumlin chatted the officer up to no avail.  Rather than try to politic his way out of the ticket, he paid the fine […]

Watch Out – Construction Zone!

April 19-23 is Construction Zone Awareness Week so be careful because the police are targeting Construction Zones and they are Expensive!

Payment Plan – Kansas City is the Only One

Kansas City offers speeders “time to pay” on their speeding tickets. Handy for some who are cash poor when they get pulled over.