MU Lineman Chris Freeman Arrested for Outstanding Warrant

Pardon me if I find it amusing that an offensive tackle was ticketed for failing to yield. Normally that’s his No. 1 job — Dave Matter (@Dave_Matter) April 17, 2012 Chris Freeman, an offensive lineman for the Missouri Tigers, was stopped by Columbia police due to an alleged malfunctioning tailgate light. At the time of […]

Celebrity Speeding Ticket and Warrant – Khloe Kardashian

Image via Wikipedia Khloe Kardashian was issued a speeding ticket in 2003 which she failed to pay.  In turn, a warrant for her arrest was issued.   Yesterday, February 2nd, she appeared in Court with her attorney to have the warrant pulled and paid a fine. I do this several times a week.  Most (not all) […]

The Minnesota Vikings Speeding Scandal

In a span of two days, both Adrian Peterson and Bernard Berrian received speeding tickets here their speed was in excess in one hundred miles per hour. Berrian was clocked at 104 in a 60.