Can I Expunge a Traffic or Speeding Ticket in Missouri?


It’s not necessarily called an expungement – it’s called a “Set Aside.”  Meaning we ask the Judge to set aside your guilty plea (you pled guilty when you paid the fine).  If the Judge agrees to set aside the plea, I can then negotiate with the Prosecutor to have your ticket amended to a Defective Equipment or illegal parking.  The Court will then notify the Department of Revenue in the change in the disposition of the case and it will be off your record.

How Long Will it Take

The whole process can take two to six weeks depending on the Court.

Is It for Every Ticket?

Unfortunately not.  Many Judges will not grant the motion if they feel they gave you a sufficient warning when you plead guilty.  Kansas City tickets are probably the easiest to get off your record but it completely depends on where you received the ticket.

What is the Cost

 Cost starts at $400 and increases with the difficulty of the case.  It is a flat fee and includes an additional fines I pay on your behalf.

What if the Ticket Is More Than Three Years Old?

You can get your previous tickets removed after three years as long as it meets certain criteria (non-alcohol related, nobody got killed, there wasn’t a suspension or revocation).  For more information, consult the State regulations.

How Can I Get Started

-Press the big green button below to contact me or give me a call at 816-471-1114 for a consultation.

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