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Beware Jayhawk Fans of the Missouri Highway Patrol

Posted: Mar 22, 2012

Although I am devastated by the loss of the Missouri Tigers in the NCAA tournament, my thoughts now turn to our neighbors to the West.  Many of the Jayhawk nation will be taking to I-70 in Missouri on their way to see their team play in St. Louis.

Fair warning to those traveling – the Missouri Highway Patrol is looking for you.  Not really.  But these are the counties that you will pass through on your way to St. Louis:

  • Jackson
  • Lafayette
  • Saline
  • Cooper
  • Boone
  • Callaway
  • Montgomery
  • Warren
  • St. Charles
  • St. Louis

If you do get caught speeding in one of these jurisdictions, you have several choices.  You can pay the ticket.  This will result in three points on your Missouri license or an “infraction” on your Kansas license.    You will pay the fine through the Fine Collection Center.

Alternatively, some of these counties offer the Driver Improvement Program.  I don’t think this will help if you are a Kansas driver because it will still be reported to Kansas as an “infraction.”

Lastly, you can hire an attorney who can negotiate with the Prosecutor to have the ticket amended to a lesser charge such as Defective Equipment or Failure to Register.  This means the ticket is never reported to the Department of Revenue and will not appear either on your Kansas or Missouri driving record.

If you need help with one of these counties, fill out our Estimate Form or give me a call at 816-471-1114.

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