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ANOTHER School Zone on Wornall

Posted: Sep 21, 2010

I got a call the other day regarding a new school zone on Wornall at 74th St. So that brings the total number of school zones on Wornall to five – sort of a tricky street to avoid the tickets.

1. 89th & Wornall

2. 85th & Wornall (this is my kid’s school SO SLOW DOWN!!)

3. 74th & Wornall

4. 63rd & Wornall

5. 58th & Wornall

We can get your school zone speeding ticket amended to a non-moving but it will cost you between $236.50 and $336.50 plus my fee of $150.00. For more information on how to get your Kansas City Municipal Court speeding ticket off your record, please click here.

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