Why is my speeding ticket on Casenet Twice?

If you have been pulled over  by the Missouri Highway Patrol, that case is going to show up on Casenet.   Casenet is the Missouri Courts database system that is accessible by anyone online.  It includes all cases filed in Missouri including any Highway Patrol ticket issued. Several of my clients who follow their tickets […]

What if the Police Don’t Show Up for Kansas City Traffic Court

This is an excellent question and frequently asked.  If you are ticketed for a speeding ticket or any other ticket and want to go to trial, then usually the police officer must be there for the trial.  So what happens if he/she does not show up? Initial Setting When you received your Kansas City speeding […]

Strip Search for a Speeding Ticket? Supreme Court says yes.

The Supreme Court in Florence v. Burlington allows Law Enforcement officials to conduct a strip search even if the alleged Defendant is only charged with a speeding ticket.  In a ruling that is a broad over-reach of the Constitution, the Supreme Court said that when Mr. Florence’s Constitutional rights were not harmed when he was […]

Science Aids Alleged Stop Sign Runner

Dmitri Krioukov, a senior research assistant at University of California San Diego successfully defended a charge of running a stop sign by presenting a four page research assistant (link to actual PDF of paper) as evidence to the Judge. Krioukov compared the problem to the way a person sees a train approaching from the platform and thinks […]

MU Lineman Chris Freeman Arrested for Outstanding Warrant

Pardon me if I find it amusing that an offensive tackle was ticketed for failing to yield. Normally that’s his No. 1 job — Dave Matter (@Dave_Matter) April 17, 2012 Chris Freeman, an offensive lineman for the Missouri Tigers, was stopped by Columbia police due to an alleged malfunctioning tailgate light. At the time of […]

John: Missouri License Is Going to Be Suspended Due to Points

A prospective client called me last week in a panic.  John* had recieved notice that his license was going to be suspended in May because of too many points.  He had not realized the tickets he had paid off added up so quickly.  His license to drive is his license to make money, so he […]

Ten Posts in Two Weeks

Challenging myself and other small business bloggers to post ten blog posts in the next two weeks.  So starting today (April 16, 2012), I will put up ten posts on my blog within the next fourteen days. Some ways to help in this effort: I am using the plugin for wordpress Editorial Calendar. Given a […]